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User's Guide

Have your own page in MAC.

Through MAC website, check all the details of your ongoing orders even a new inquiry.

We supply CUSTOMER PAGE which enables you to check the current status of offer and order.
Through MAC website, you can check all the details of your ongoing orders even a new inquiry at anytime and anywhere.

Do the following step to access to the system

  1. Register : Register your ID and PASSWORD. You can use your ID after we approve it.
    Once it is approved, we will send notice to your defined email.
  2. Sign in : Sign in with your ID and Password.
  3. Click on 'MY PAGE' : You can go to 'My page' to click on "MY PAGE' in top of all webpages.
  4. My Page : You can see all the details of your current and past inquiry, offer, order, packing and shipping.
    Moreover, you can search for parts numbers.

My page process Register Sign in

My page


  • Inquiry : Check your inquiry information. Parts numbers are identified.
  • Offer : Check the list of offer. It shows our offer/quotation for your inquiry.
  • Order : Check the list of items that you confirmed and ordered.
  • Packing : Check how many of your parts are on the process of packing. It also enables to check the supply rate of the order.
  • Shipping : Check the details of your shipment. All information of Commercial Invoice and Packing List are included here.
  • Search : Search and find the information of spare parts. Search with parts number and name.
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