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auto oils icon Oils & etc.

Miral Auto Camp Corp. supplies high quality auto chemicals such as engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, washer fluid & etc.

Engine Oil

  • Excellent Engine Cleaniness, Wear Protection and Power Performance
  • Outstanding Oxidation Stalility at High Temperature
  • Minimized Oil Consumption and Viscosity Change
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Easy Engine Starting at Low Temperature
  • Reduced Exhaust Gas Emission
Parts Name Size SAE Viscosity Quality grade
ENGINE OIL C3 5W-30 1L 5W30 C3
ENGINE OIL C3 5W-30 6L 5W30 C3
ENGINE OIL CI 15W-40 1L 15W40 CI
ENGINE OIL CI 15W-40 4L 15W40 CI
ENGINE OIL SN 10W-40 4L 10W40 SN


  • Emits the heat generated from the combustion and friction of automobile engines Cooling
  • Prevents the freezing and busting of coolers in the winter Freezing prevention
  • Prevents the boiling of engine coolants in the summer Boiling prevention
  • Prevents the corrosion of metal-based cooling devices Metal corrosion prevention
  • Prevents the aging and oxidation of nonmetallic materials including plastic tank and rubber hose Nonmetallic material protection

Washer Fluid

  • Prevents vapor lock in extreme driving conditions High boiling point and wet boiling point
  • Prevents the corrosion of brake system part materials (tin, steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, copper, and zinc) Corrosion prevention
  • Lubricates the brake system in low-temperature conditions Kinematic viscosity and lubrication
  • Does not deform or damage rubber parts, and prevents the leakage of brake fluid with sufficient rubber expansion Harmony with the rubber parts
  • Prevents precipitation and oxidation for long-time use in high temperatures as well as precipitation and separation in low temperatures Stability

Brake Fluid

  • High-performance surfactant is used to remove foreign matters and oil film from windshields for better vision Excellent cleaning
  • It does not damage the painting, rubber, and plastic of vehicles, and the contained advanced additives prevent the corrosion of metal parts, with outstanding anti-rust and anticorrosive performance High stability
  • It provides excellent lubrication between the glass surface and the wiper blade, which results in longer life cycle and less friction and, thus, less noise Optimum lubrication
  • It has a low freezing point, which is sufficient for the removal of snow or ice from windshields Low-temperature liquidity

& high quality Rubber Grease, UREA Solution, etc.

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